Our Story

About Us

The United Jewish Campaign (UJC) is the Cape Town Jewish Community’s umbrella fundraising body.

In many ways, the UJC is the engine room of the community, powering its various organs and maintaining its vitality, viability, and ongoing growth and development. Through various fundraising events, campaigns and initiatives, the UJC sends funding pulsing through the veins of the community, bringing to life the constellation of schools, welfare organisations, and other communal bodies ensuring these (more than 35) institutions have the funding they need to fulfil their own crucial purposes fostering one of the most vibrant Jewish communities in the diaspora.

The UJC allocates the proceeds to the affiliated beneficiary organisations. These organisations are divided into 3 distinct branches: Community, Welfare, and Israel.


Our Largest branch – United Communal Fund (UCF) – covers the day-to-day running and upkeep of our community; from religious institutions to communal bodies, education to health and safety, and personal empowerment to social action.


The second branch – Jewish Care Cape (JCC) – ensures that our most vulnerable are protected and empowered. We care for the sick, we house the homeless, we feed the hungry, we support the bereaved, and we ensure dignity for all.


The third branch – Israel United Appeal (IUA) – maintains our deep connection to the state of Israel, supporting South African immigrants, and Israel’s outreach work around the world.


We live in a very big world. A very big, diverse world, with 7 billion other very diverse people. But as the roads we choose take us in different directions, and the lives we lead can leave us lonely within the crowds, the truth is, we’re never alone.

Because no matter whether we’re together or apart, no matter our background, our age, or our lifestyle; we’re connected. Connected through a beautiful heritage and culture. Through unique insight and shared experience that’s passed on from generation to generation.

We’re a diverse community, living in an equally diverse world, with a little spark of light that connects us, unites us. Always. So as we journey through life, let’s celebrate the rainbow nation in which we thrive, whilst remembering, supporting and uplifting the community we’re so proud to call our own.



We embody the Jewish Values of Chesed, unconditional kindness, Kavod, honour and respect, and Hakarat Hatov, gratitude, in everything we do.


We’re an inclusive team who are committed to nurturing collaborative relationships with all of our stakeholders for the wellbeing of our community.


We take our responsibility to the community seriously and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism.


In order to remain relevant, we strive for continuous improvement and translate fresh ideas into action.


We encourage, empower and support our people to be the best versions of themselves, building a better future for all.