Israel United Appeal


Keren Hayesod – UIA is the worldwide fundraising organization for Israel. They focus on supporting Aliyah and absorption in Israel, improving the lives of disadvantaged populations in Israel, strengthening Jewish peoplehood and the connection of young Jews to Israel across the globe, and responding to emergencies that affect Israel.


The Lion of Judah was adopted by Keren Hayesod’s International Women’s Division as a symbol of the courage, strength, and impact of Jewish women, who are motivated by a sense of duty to the Jewish state and the Jewish community. The Lion of Judah pin – a specially designed gold brooch – recognizes the efforts of prominent women who have distinguished themselves through their deep commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.


Telfed is the premier oleh organisation which enables ex-Southern Africans to contribute to Israeli society. They promote quality of life of Southern Africans in Israel and support their participation in and contribution to Israeli Society. Telfed focuses on aliyah & klitah, community service, social entrepreneurship & volunteerism.