Same drive. Same determination.
New ways to connect with our community.

A Big, Beautiful Shift.
As the umbrella fundraising body for over 35 Jewish community organisations, our goal will always be to foster a vibrant Jewish community. While we work towards this daily, we’re well aware that with changing times, comes a changing community – and we must keep up.

Over the last two years, we underwent a strategic shift to realign our purpose in this ever-changing world. It injected a new-found energy, sharpened our focus and determination, and inspired a fresh look to align with our goals. This process culminated in a subtle, but impactful, change to our pay-off line: from, Our Community Campaign, which suggests that our only focus is the annual campaign, to Our Community, embodying our daily drive and promise to Cape Town’s Jewish community. This also gives us the unique opportunity to redefine our intention each year, based on the community’s needs, dreams, and goals.

Our Community. Connected.

After all that COVID put us through, our intention for the months and years to come is clear. To build and rebuild meaningful connections with, and between, each member of the community. Expect more large community events, like the Fiesta with Tali Babes, as well as intimate get-togethers like our Women’s Month movie screening at the Labia Theatre. Get to know our organisations on social media or engage face-to-face by volunteering with an organisation that resonates with you. There’s so much more to come and we can wait to share it all.

Be Part of the Change.

No time spent or donation made is too small. Every contribution supports the development, sustainability and welfare of the greater community. Whatever works for you, works for us. Volunteering could mean spending time with a resident at one of our beautiful homes, helping an organisation with admin, or sharing your unique skills where it’s needed most.

Come on, let’s Connect.

So let’s chat – with absolutely no pressure – about how you’d like to connect with the UJC and our beneficiaries. We’re here to make things effortless and meaningful. Whether it’s once off, once a month, or once a week – it’s all about that connection.