Jewish Care Cape


Astra centre provides a comprehensive service to members of the Jewish community who have special needs (intellectual disability and mental illness) in a structured occupational centre as well as supervised accommodation. Services include Jewish Sheltered Employment, Rosecourt Group Homes, Supported Employment, Giftime & Coffee Time.


CJSA provides a number of activities & programmes to maintain a sense of meaning, structure, usefulness & dignity to senior members of our community (not in need of institutional care) who suffer from the effects of emigration, fractured families, increased longevity & consequential loss of support of family ties.


Established in 1966 when a group of concerned people recognised the need for a home for the Jewish intellectually challenged. Glendale’s mission is to provide holistic care to the intellectually disabled in our community. Facilities include: residential & holiday care, occupational & stimulation centre, physiotherapy, training & counselling.


Highlands House is a Jewish care centre and home for the elderly. For more than 90 years, they have been dedicated to providing residents with physical, emotional, and spiritual care. Highlands House remains a haven where our elderly residents can truly make the very most of their golden years.


The Jewish Community Services’ (JCS) activities are centred on relief for the poor and distressed in the Jewish community. They provide a full range of preventative, educative and supportive counselling, statutory services as well as material relief.


Counselling for the bereaved: Nechama is a volunteer-based organisation which provides emotional support and counselling for persons of the Jewish faith who have suffered a bereavement or loss. They endeavour to raise the level of awareness within the Jewish community of the laws and rituals pertaining to bereavement.


Oranjia provides a safe and loving home for Jewish children, who have been found in need of care and protection. Oranjia’s aim is to provide them with a home away from home. Their dream goal is to eventually re-unite them with their family and function optimally, as responsible citizens.


Rosecourt Foundation is made up of 3 group homes, Rosecourt House, Rosecourt Terrace and Vriende House. The homes provide supported accommodation for Jewish adults with special needs, either intellectual disability and/or psychiatric illness. The residents have the opportunity to develop independence, life skills and to socialise with their peers.